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CESCA Graduate Students


As of summer 2016, there are 49 graduate students (30 in Ph.D. and 19 in MS levels, respectively). CESCA graduate students are dedicated and hard working individuals, who, along with CESCA faculty members, pursue to build and maintain a best research group in embedded systems research in the world.

Ph.D. Students

Name Topic Expected Graduation Advisor
Abdulaziz Alorf Optics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence Fall 2018 Abbott
Abhijit Sarkar Computer vision, Image and video processing Spring 2016 Abbott
Ahmed Ibrahim Computer vision, Deep learning Fall 2017 Abbott
Bilgiday Yuce Secure Embedded Systems, HW/SW Codesign Spring 2017 Schaumont
Chang Liu Verification on network protocols and other related fields Spring 2016 Yang
Chungha Sung Performance of web & mobile application Fall 2018 Wang
Gaurang Naik Wireless Networks, Cognitive Radios Spring 2020 Park
He Li Wireless security, Spectrum enforcement Spring 2018 Park & Yang
Jinshan Liu Wireless Security, Security Issues in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications Spring 2019 Park
Kelson Gent Parallel test and verification Summer 2016 Hsiao
Kexiong (Curtis) Zeng Cognitive radio networks Spring 2018 Yang
Lu Zhang Concurrent software testing and verification Fall 2016 Wang
Mahmoud Awadallah Image processing, computer vision, data mining Spring 2015 Abbott
Markus Kusano Concurrent program analysis Fall 2019 Wang
Meng Wu Program Synthesis, Software/Hardware Verification Fall 2019 Wang
Mohamed Saleh Using Stereo Imaging in Pavement Analysis   Abbott
Nahid Farhady Ghalaty Fault Analysis Spring 2017 Schaumont
Naling Zhang concurrent programs testing and verification Fall 2018 Wang
Prachi Joshi   Fall 2017 Zeng
Qingyu Liu Algorithm applications & optimizations, Cyber-physical systems, IC physical design Spring 2019 Zeng
Sarmad Tanwir Testing and verification; electronic design automation Spring 2018 Hsiao
Seungmo Kim Spectrum sharing, cognitive radio networks Spring 2017 Park
Shengjian (Daniel) Guo Concurrent Software Verification and Testing Spring 2018 Wang
Sherin Fathy Aly 3D Facial Expressions Recognition using Kinect Spring 2016 Abbott
Sherin Ghannam Stereo Vision and Remote Sensing Fall 2016 Abbott
Sudeep Bhattarai Security issues related to dynamic spectrum access in Cognitive Radio  Spring 2017 Park
Ujwal Krothapalli     Abbott
Vireshwar Kumar Security in cognitive radio networks, enforcement of spectrum access rules  Spring 2016 Park
Yanzhi "Aaron" Dou Wireless network security Summer 20107 Yang
Yecheng Zhao Model Based Design Summer 2019 Zeng

M.S. Students

Name Topic Expected Graduation Advisor
Akash Agrawal Electronic Design Automation, Testing and Verification Spring 2016 Hsiao
Amith Kaushal Bangalore N Rao Embedded System Design, Mixed Criticality Systems Spring 2017 Zeng
Chinmay Deshpande Computer Architecture, Hardware Software Codesign, Secure Embedded Systems Fall 2016 Nazhandali
Conor Patrick Hardware cryptography implementations, Embedded security, Fault and side channel resistance, Software design and protocol Spring 2017 Schaumont
Divya Chandrakant Bala Computer Vision for Cell Phenotyping using Contactless Dielectrophoresis (cDEP) Spring 2016 Abbott
Ekta Bindlish Computer Vision Techniques for Agricultural Inspection Summer 2016 Abbott
Harsha Mandadi Embedded system security, Hardware Software Codesign Fall 2016 Schaumont
Hemendra Rawat Computer Architecture, Hardware Software Co-design,
Embedded System Design
Summer 2016 Schaumont
Mudabir Kabir Asathulla     Wang
Noah Luther Privacy-enhancing technologies, Applied and theoretical cryptography, Network security Summer 2017 Park
Nuo Ma Multicamera Localization and Tracking Fall 2016 Abbott
Pooja Harekoppa Image processing, Computer vision Spring 2016 Abbott
Pradeep Reddy Vaka Security in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, Wireless Communications and Networking Spring 2017 Park
Prakriti Gupta Real-Time Embedded System Design, Cyber-Physical Systems, Automotive Electronics Spring 2017 Zeng
Pranav Asokan Security for Internet of Things, Cryptography, Network Security Spring 2017 Park
Sean Thweatt Temporal Analysis of fingerprint images Spring 2015 Abbott
Siddharth Bhal Internet of Things, Wireless Computer Networking Spring 2017 Wang
Taylor McGough Lightweight Cryptography and Cryptographic Engineering Fall 2017 Schaumont
Tonmoy Roy     Wang

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