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CESCA Theses and Dissertations


Theses and Dissertations are listed by year in reverse chronological order, and by the author's name in alphabetical order.  All the theses and dissertations were published through Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech.  Please click the underlined title to view the abstract and other information.

Thesis / Dissertation
2013 Rashmi Moudgil, "A Statistical and Circuit Based Technique for Counterfeit Detection in Existing ICs," M.S. Thesis, June 2013. Counterfeits, Aging, Process variation Nazhandali
2011 Ambuj S. Sinha, "Design Techniques for Side-channel Resistant Embedded Software," M.S. Thesis, August 2011. Bitslice Cryptography, Side Channel Attacks, Virtual Secure Circuit, Secure Embedded Systems, Side-channel Countermeasures Schaumont
2013 Kiran Adhikari, "Verifying a Quantitative Relaxation of Linearizability via Refinement," M.S. Thesis, June 2013. Quasi linearizability, Refinement, Model checking Wang
2009 Christian S. Tergino, "Efficient Binary Field Multiplication on a VLIW DSP," M.S. Thesis, June 2009. Very Long Instruction Word, Modular Multiplication, C64x+, Digital Signal Processor, Multiplication, Binary Field, Galois Field, GF, Heterogeneous Multiprocessors Schaumont
2007 Eric Simpson, "Runtime Intellectual Property Protection on Programmable Platforms," M.S. Thesis, April 2007. runtime protection, intellectual property, HW/SW authentication, PUF, IP, programmable platform, FPGA Schaumont
2012 Xu Guo, "Secure and Efficient Implementations of Cryptographic Primitives," Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2012. Block Cipher, Side-Channel Attacks, SHA-3, Hash Function, System-on-Chip, Cryptographic Coprocessor, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Fault Attacks Schaumont
2012 Lyndon Judge, "Design Methods for Cryptanalysis," M.S. Thesis, November 2012. Implementation attack, Design method, Bluespec, Prime fi eld arithmetic, Pollard rho, Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), FPGA, Hardware software co-design, Fault attack, Side-channel analysis (SCA) Schaumont
2010 Michael A. Gora, "Securing Software Intellectual Property on Commodity and Legacy Embedded Systems," M.S. Thesis, June 200. Secure Embedded Systems, Software, Intellectual Property, Firmware, Security, FPGA, Design Flow, Physical Unclonable Function Schaumont
2007 Pengyuan Yu, "Implementation of DPA-Resistant Circuit for FPGA," M.S. Thesis, April 2007. Differential Power Analysis, Secure Circuit, FPGA Schaumont
2010 Sergey V. Morozov, "Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Heterogeneous Multicore Platform," M.S. Thesis, August 2010. Binary Field, DSP, ARM, Cryptography, Elliptic Curve, Prime Field, Multiprocessor, Point Multiplication, Multicore Schaumont
2011 Srikrishna Iyer, "A Unifying Interface Abstraction for Accelerated Computing in Sensor Nodes," M.S. Thesis, August 2011. Communication Interface-Abstraction Architecture, automatic code-generation, TinyOS, nesC, GEZEL, hardware/software co-design, co-processor, wireless sensor nodes, CPU, FPGA Schaumont
2012 Suvarna H. Mane, "Implementation of SCA-Resistant CPU and an ECDLP Engine on FPGA Platform," M.S. Thesis, April 2012. Prime-field arithmetic Schaumont
2011 Zhimin Chen, "SCA-Resistant and High-Performance Embedded Cryptography Using Instruction Set Extensions and Multi-Core Processors," Ph.D. Dissertation, June 2011. N/A Schaumont
2012 Abhranil Maiti, "A Systematic Approach to Design an Efficient Physical Unclonable Function," Ph.D. Dissertation, 2012. N/A Schaumont
2013 Dilip Venkateswaran Murali, "Verification of Cyber Physical Systems," M.S. Thesis, September 2013. Invariants detection, Symbolic execution, KLEE, Cloud9, VCC Hsiao
2013 Avinash R. Desai, "Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Tamper Hardware Implementation using Hardware Obfuscation," M.S. Thesis, September 2013. Anti-counterfeit, Anti-temper, Trojan detection integrated circuits, Seal, Time-stamp Hsiao
2013 Ting Wang, "Wireless Network Physical Layer Security with Smart Antenna," Ph.D. Dissertation, June 2013. Wireless network security, Localization, Location privacy, anti-eavesdropping, smart antenna, Beamforming, Location spoofing Yang
2012 Sarvesh Prabhu, "An Efficient 2-Phase Strategy to Achieve High Branch Coverage," M.S. Thesis, February 2012. Branch Coverage, Conflict-driven Learning, Symbolic Execution, Software Testing Hsiao
2012 Supratik Misra, "Efficient Graph Techniques for Partial Scan Pattern Debug and Bounded Model Checkers," M.S. Thesis, February 2012. Directed Acyclic Graph, Partial Scan Design, Pattern Debugger, Implication Graphs Hsiao
2011 Chinmay Limaye, "Formal verification techniques for reversible circuits," M.S. Thesis, June 2011. Binary Decision Diagram (BDD), Reversible Circuits, Redundancy, Equivalence Checking Hsiao
2011 Donald Hanle, "Fast discovery of illegal state cubes for sequential equivalence checking," M.S. Thesis, May 2011. BDD, Illegal states, SEC Hsiao
2011 Huy Nguyen, "Sequential equivalence checking with efficient filtering strategies for inductive invariants," M.S. Thesis, May 2011. Boolean Satisfiability(SAT), Sequential Equivalence Checking(SEC), Formal Verification, Dynamic Invariant Filtering, Implications Hsiao
2011 Kevin Hoyle, "Minutiae triplet-based features with extended ridge information for determining sufficiency in fingerprints," M.S. Thesis, July 2011. minutia, sufficiency, latent, quality, fingerprints, friction ridges, triangles, triplets Hsiao
2011 Khanh Duong, "On enhancing deterministic sequential ATPG," M.S. Thesis, February 2011. Automatic Test Pattern Generation, Logic Testing, Sequential Circuits Hsiao
2011 Wei Hu, "Sufficiency-based filtering of invariants for sequential equivalence checking," M.S. Thesis, February 2011. Invariant filtering, Assume and Verify, Boolean Satisfiability(SAT), Sequential Equivalence Checking(SEC) Hsiao
2010 Karthik Channakeshava, "High performance scalable and expressive modeling environment to study mobile malware in large dynamic networks," Ph.D. Dissertation, October 2010. N/A Hsiao
2010 Maheshwar Chandrasekar, "Search State Extensibility-based Learning for Model Checking and Test Generation," Ph.D. Dissertation, September 2010. Design Verification, Automatic Test Generation and Fault Diagnosis, Fault Model, Model Checking Hsiao
2010 Mainak Banga, "Testing and verification strategies for enhancing trust in third party IPs," Ph.D. Dissertation, December 2010. Design for Testability, Side-Channel Analysis, Sequential Equivalence Checking, Trojans, Third party IP Hsiao
2010 Neha Goel, "Mining Multi-Node Constraints and Boolean Expressions for Sequential Equivalence Checking," M.S. Thesis, August 2010. N/A Hsiao
2010 Nikhil Rahagude, "Integrated enhancement of testability and diagnosability for digital circuits," M.S. Thesis, November 2010. Fault Coverage, Diagnostic Resolution, Weighted Average, Test Point Insertion, Design for Testability, Design for Diagnosability, Built-in Self Test Hsiao
2010 Saparya Krishnamoorthy, "Strategies for Scalable Symbolic Execution-based Test Generation," M.S. Thesis, July 2010. symbolic execution, software verification, dynamic test generation, path explosion, satisfiability modulo theories Hsiao
2010 Xueqi Cheng, "Exploring Hybrid Dynamic and Static Techniques for Software Verification," Ph.D. Dissertation, February 2010. Software Verification, Model Checking, Data Mining, Swarm Intelligence Hsiao
2009 Harini Jagadeesan, "Design and Verification of Privacy and User Re-authentication Systems," M.S. Thesis, May 2009. biometrics, behavioral, testing, mouse, verification, keyboard, security, Spec#, user re-authentication Hsiao
2009 Nannan He, "Exploring Abstraction Techniques for Scalable Bit-Precise Verification of Embedded Software," Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2009. Bounded Model Checking, Program Analysis, Abstraction and Refinement, SAT Hsiao
2009 Sandesh Prabhakar, "Algorithms and Low-cost Architectures for Trace Buffer-Based Silicon Debug," M.S. Thesis, December 2009. Silicon Debug, Logic Implications, Trace selection, State Restoration, Trace Compression Hsiao
2009 Swapneel Donglikar, "Design for Testability (DFT) Techniques to Optimize VLSI Test Cost," M.S. Thesis, June 2009. Test Application Time Reduction, Test Data Volume Reduction, Random Access Scan, Design for Test, Illinois Scan Hsiao
2008 Anupam Shrivastava, "Identification and Analysis of Illegal States in the Apoptotic Discrete Transition System Model using ATPG and SAT-based Techniques," M.S. Thesis, September 2008. Image Computation, ATPG, Apoptosis, SAT, Bounded Model Checking Hsiao
2008 Lei Fang, "Exploring Constraint Satisfiability Techniques in Formal Verification," Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2008. Relaxation, Hybrid, SAT, MIN-ONE SAT, MAX-SAT, Double-Layer conflict driven learning Hsiao
2008 Mainak Banga, "Partition based Approaches for the Isolation and Detection of Embedded Trojans in ICs," M.S. Thesis, September 2008. Side-Channel Analysis, Power profile, State-space, Trojans Hsiao
2007 Vishnu Vimjam, "Strategies for SAT-based Formal Verification," Ph.D. Dissertation, January 2007. ATPG, Equivalence Checking, SAT, Model Checking, BDD, Learning Hsiao
2007 Ankur Parikh, "Abstraction Guided Semi-formal Verification," M.S. Thesis, June 2007. simulation, model checking, preimage, concretization, Hamming distance, guided simulation, refinement, formal verification, semi-formal verification, abstraction Hsiao
2007 Huy H. Lam, "Discrete Transition System Model and Verification for Mitochondrially Mediated Apoptosis Signaling Pathways," M.S. Thesis, June 2007. SAT, Mitochondria, Model Checking, Reachability Analysis, Generic Algorithm, Apoptosis, Fault Analysis Hsiao
2011 Kanu Priya, "Study of Physical Unclonable Functions at Low Voltage on FPGA," M.S. Thesis, July 2011. Low Power, Stability, Physical Unclonable Functions, Ring Oscillator, Process Variation, Uniqueness Nazhandali
2011 Michael B. Henry, "Emerging Power-Gating Techniques for Low Power Digital Circuits," Ph.D. Dissertation, November 2011. Sense-Amplifier Pass Transistor Logic, NEMS, Digital Electronics, Power-Gating, Low Power Nazhandali
2012 Lalleh Rafeei, "Fast Approximation Framework for Timing and Power Analysis of Ultra-Low-Voltage Circuits," M.S Thesis, April 2012. subthreshold, approximation framework, power, timing, CMOS, VLSI, Ultra-Low-Voltage Nazhandali
2011 Sinan Huang, "Hardware Evaluation of SHA-3 Candidates," M.S. Thesis, May 2011. Cryptography, Security, SHA-3, Hardware Evaluation Nazhandali
2010 Vignesh Vivekraja, "Low-Power, Stable and Secure On-Chip Identifiers Design," M.S. Thesis, August 2010. Hardware Security, Low Power, Process Variation, PUF Nazhandali
2012 Yongbo Zou, "Fair Comparison of ASIC Performance for SHA-3 Finalists," M.S. Thesis, May 2012. SHA, NIST, ASIC, Finalist, Hardware, Encryption, Hash, Cipher, Key Nazhandali
2010 Jingyao Zhang, "SUNSHINE: A Multi-Domain Sensor Network Simulator," M.S. Thesis, August 2010. cross-domain simulator, hardware-software co-simulation, performance, Sensor networks Yang
2008 Nikhil Kelkar, "A Business Framework for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Networks," M.S. Thesis, April 2008 Cognitive networks, Dynamic spectrum access, Business model Yang
2011 Yi Tang, "SUNSHINE: Integrate TOSSIM and P-Sim" M.S. Thesis, September 2011. Sensor networks, Cross-domain simulator, Hardware-software co-simulation Yang
2010 Zhenhua Feng, "Cross-Layer Optimization and Distributed Algorithm Design for Frequency-Agile Radio Networks," Ph.D. Dissertation, November 2010. Cognitive radios, Wireless networks, Dynamic spectrum access, Cross-layer design, Distributed design Yang
2012 Chuan Han, "Optimality analysis of wireless networks," Ph.D. Dissertations, 2012. N/A Yang
2010 Cheewoo Na, "Ieee 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks: Gts Scheduling and Service Differentiation," Ph.D. Dissertation, 2010. delay guarantee, real-time scheduling, virtual collision, wireless sensor, Service Differentiation, GTS, Scheduling Yang
2013 Lakshman Swaroop Babu, “FRAC: Design and Implementation of an Advertisement-based Community Network Sharing Framework,” M.S. Thesis, 2013. N/A Yang
2010 Amol Deshpande, "Policy Reasoning for Spectrum Agile Radios," M.S. Thesis, May 2010. Spectrum Access Policies, Policy Reasoning, Cognitive Radios Park
2012 Daniel Ali, "Scalable Parameter Management using Casebased Reasoning for Cognitive Radio Applications," M.S. Thesis, May 2012. Cognitive Radio, Casebased Reasoning, Data Structure, Access Time Park
2010 Jatin Thakkar, "Securing Cognitive Radios with a Policy Enforcer and Secure Inter-component Transport Mechanisms," M.S. Thesis, September 2010. Policy Enforcer, Cognitive Radio, CORBA Park
2011 Kaigui Bian, "Medium Access Control in Cognitive Radio Networks," Ph.D. Dissertation, March 2011. cognitive radio, coexistence, medium access control, control channel, rendezvous, channel hopping, channel assignment, opportunistic spectrum sharing, dynamic spectrum access Park
2008 Ruiling Chen, "Enhancing Attack Resilience in Cognitive Radio Networks," Ph.D. Dissertation, February 2008 Transmitter Verification, Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification, Multiple-Rendezvous Cognitive Media Access Control, Primary User Emulation, Network Security, Cognitive Radio Networks, Weighted Sequential Probability Ratio Test, Control Channel Jamming Park
2010 Swati Kanaujia, "Rogue Access Point Detection through Statistical Analysis," M.S. Thesis, May 2010. Hypothesis Test, Intrusion Detection, Rogue Access Point, IEEE 802.11, Naïve Bayes Classifiers Park
2009 Nathan Short, "3-D Point Cloud Generation from Rigid and Flexible Stereo Vision Systems," M.S. Thesis, December 2009. Stereo Vision, UAV, VTOL, Camera Calibration, Terrain Mapping Abbott
2009 Will Chan, "SNAP Biclustering," M.S. Thesis, November 2009. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, Collaborative Filtering, Microarray Analysis, Ant Colony Optimization, Biclustering Abbott
2009 Dan Hager, "Situational Awareness of a Ground Robot From an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle," M.S. Thesis, May 2009. Object Tracking, UAV, Obstacle Detection, Supervisory Control, Image Processing Abbott
2008 Dylan Klomparens, "Automated Landing Site Evaluation for Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles," M.S. Thesis, August 2008. Self Organized Map (SOM), Edge Detection, Hybrid Feature Vector, Fusion, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Geometrical Moments, Face Detection, Skin Segmentation, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Abbott
2013 Bahrak Behnam, "Ex Ante Approaches for Security, Privacy, and Enforcement in Spectrum Sharing," Ph.D. Dissertation, December 2013. Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Spectrum Enforcement, Policy Reasoning, Spectrum Learning, Geolocation Databases, Privacy-preserving Techniques Park
2014 Indira Priyadarshini, "Mining Rare Features in Fingerprints using Core Points and Triplet-based Features," M.S. Thesis, January 2014. Fingerprints, Rare Features, Rarity, Latent, Core Points, Triplets, GPU Hsiao
2013 Ahmed Ghumman, "Countermeasures for Static Channel Jamming Attacks," M.S. Thesis, December 2013. N/A Park
2014 Krishna Pabbuleti, "Performance Optimization of Public Key Cryptography on Embedded Platforms," M.S. Thesis, May 2014. Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Modular Arithmetic, SIMD, Hash-based Signatures, MSP430, Wireless Sensor Node Schaumont
2014 Deepak Mane, "Energy-harvested Lightweight Cryptosystems," M.S. Thesis, May 2014. Public Key Cryptography, Elliptic Curves, RFID, Wireless Sensor Node, Energy Harvesting, Throughput, Digital signatures Schaumont
2014 Arijit Chattopadhyay, "Dynamic Invariant Generation  for Concurrent Programs," M.S. Thesis, May 2014. Concurrency, Likely invariant, Dynamic invariant Generation, Partial order reduction, Error diagnosis, Atomic region Wang
2014 Mostafa Taha, "Advances in the Side-Channel Analysis of Symmetric Cryptography," Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2014. N/A Schaumont
2014 Bo Gao, "Coexistence of Wireless Networks for Shared Spectrum Access," Ph.D. Dissertation, September 2014. Opportunistic Spectrum Access, Cognitive Radio Networks, White Space Networks, Shared Spectrum Access, Spectrum Sharing, Network Coexistence Park & Yang
2014 Sarvesh Prabhu, "Techniques for Efficient Test and Diagnosis of Digital Circuits," Ph.D. Dissertation, December 2014. LBIST, LFSR-reseeding, Diagnostic Test Generation, Automated Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), Property Checking Hsiao
2014 Abhay Rao Bhadriraju, "Misuse Detection in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks," M.S. Thesis, July 2014. Wireless Networks, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Linear Optimization, Game Theory, Security, Privacy Yang
2014 Moein Pahlavan Yali, "FPGA-Roofline: An Insightful Model for FGPA-based Hardware Acceleration in Modern Embedded Systems," M.S. Thesis, December 2014. Embedded Systems, FPGA, Hardware Accelerator, Performance Model Schaumont
2015 Dinesh Ganta, "An Effort Toward Building More Secure and Efficient Physical Unclonable Functions," Ph.D. Dissertation, January 2015. Physical Unclonable Functions, Security, Fingerprinting, Integrated Circuits, Identifiers Nazhandali
2015 Meeta Srivastav, "Variation Aware Energy-Efficient Methodologies for Homogeneous Many-core Designs," Ph.D. Dissertation, January 2015 Low power, Near-threshold, Enery efficient, di/dt, process, variation, PVTA, aging, homogeneous many-core Nazhandali
2015 Michael D. Dsouza, "Fast Static Learning and Inductive Reasoning with Applications to ATPG Problems," M.S. Thesis, March 2015. Static learning, inductive reasoning, multi-node invariants, logic implications, boolean constraint propagation Hsiao
2015 Sharad Bagri, "Improving Branch Coverage in RTL Circuits with Signal Domain Analysis and Restrictive Symbolic Execution," M.S. Thesis, March 2015. RTL circuits, Validation, Verification, Reachability, Unreachable, Branch Coverage, Signal Domain, Test Generation, Symbolic Execution Hsiao
2015 Sepideh Khoshnood, "Constraint Solving for Diagnosing Concurrency Bugs," M.S. Thesis, May 2015. Concurrency, Bug Localization, Bounded Model Checking, MAX-SAT Wang
2015 Vineeth V. Acharya, "Improving Branch Coverage in RTL Circuits with Signal Domain Analysis and Restrictive Symbolic Execution," M.S. Thesis, March 2015. Branch Coverage, Algorithms, Fault Coverage, State-augmented Branch Score, Functional Test Generation Hsiao
2015 Ege Gulcan, "Flexible and Lightweight Cryptographic Engines for Constrained Systems," M.S. Thesis, May 2015. Lightweight Cryptography, Block Ciphers, Flexible Architectures, SIMON, FPGA Schaumont
2015 Prateek Puri, "Design Validation of RTL Circuits using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Symbolic Execution," M.S. Thesis, June 2015. Design Verification, Particle Swarm Optimization, Static Analysis, Symbolic Backward Execution, Satisfiability Modulo Theory, Pattern Search Methods Hsiao
2014 Mahmoud Atef Elbayoumi, "Strategies for Performance and Quality Improvement of Hardware Verification and Synthesis Algorithms," Ph.D. Dissertation, December 2014 Binary Decision Diagram, Satisfiability(SAT), VLSI, Bounded Model Checking, logic synthesis, Multi-threading Hsiao
2015 Hassan Eldib, "Constraint Based Program Synthesis for Embedded Software," Ph.D. Dissertation, May 2015. Program Synthesis, Formal Verification, Embedded Software, Security, Cryptography,
Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures
2015 Zeying Yuan, "Sequential Equivalence Checking of Circuits with Different State Encodings by Pruning Simulation-based Multi-Node Invariants," M.S. Thesis, May 2015. Sequential Equivalence Checking(SEC), Multi-node Inductive Invariants,
Constrained Logic Synthesis

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