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CESCA Research Day 2013 Videos

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Please click here to download all the presentation slides in a zip file (31MB).  For a particular presentation, click "Slides" next to the presenter's name. 

Please click the "title" of the presentation to view the abstract.

Morning Presentations                                               Jump to Afternoon Tutorials

Plenary Session (8:30am - 9:20am)

"Welcoming remarks" by Patrick Schaumont         Slides


"Research directions in security" by Charles Clancy         Slides


Research Session 1: Secure Design (9:20am - 10am)

"Secure ASIC Design" by Leyla Nazhandali         Slides


"Designing Secure Processors with Hardware Security" by Patrick Schaumont         Slides


Research Session 2: Applications (10:15am - 11:15am)

"Enforcing Spectrum Access Rules in Spectrum Sharing" by Jerry Park         Slides


"Secure Smart Antennas and Radios" by Yaling Yang         Slides


"Temporal Analysis of Fingerprint Images" by Lynn Abbott         Slides


Research Session 3: Secure Design Methods (11:30am - 12:10pm)

"Hardware Trust and Counterfeiting" by Michael Hsiao         Slides


"Symbolic Predictive Analysis for Concurrent Software" by Chao Wang         


Afternoon Tutorials

TUTORIAL 1: "Introduction to Side-Channel Analysis" by Patrick Schaumont       Slides


TUTORIAL 2: "Software Testing and Verification" by Chao Wang and Michael Hsiao       


TUTORIAL 3: "Physically Unclonable Functions" by Leyla Nazhandali       Slides


TUTORIAL 4: "Wireless Security" by Jerry Park and Yaling Yang        Slides (Park)      Slides (Yang)


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