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CESCA Previous Seminars


Previous seminars are listed in reverse chronological order in the table below.  Click the semester term to view the list of seminars.

Spring 2016 Fall 2015 Spring 2015 Fall 2014 Spring 2014 Fall 2013 Summer 2013
Spring 2013 Fall 2012 Spring 2012 Fall 2011 Spring 2011 Fall 2010 Spring 2010
Fall 2009 Spring 2009 Fall 2008        

Click the Semester Term in the table to view details about the seminars offered during the semester.  A Seminar Title leads to the abstract and speaker bio of the seminar.  Link under the Video column opens a new window for the particular seminar online.  

Date Speaker Seminar Title Link
Spring 2016
April 15 Jonathan Graf, Dale Reese FPGA MPSoC Security: Design and Runtime  
February 19 Chung-Wei Lin In-Vehicle Network Design for Security and Plug-and-Play  
February 12 Chris Shenefiel Building Trustworthy Systems  
Fall 2015
December 4 Patrick Schaumont Challenges and Opportunities for Energy-Harvested Security  
October 30 Haipeng Cai A hybrid approach to dependence approximation for dynamic impact prediction  
October 9 Pratap Tokekar Systems, Algorithms, and Applications for Robotic Sensing  
September 25 Huafeng Yu Towards Model-Based Virtual System Integration for Safety-Critical Automotive Software  
August 28 Michael Hsiao CESCA Welcoming Seminar + Cake and Coffee Pictures,
Spring 2015
April 24 Roberto Palmieri Transactional Replication: from Cluster to Geographic Scale
April 10 Antonio Barbalace Bridging the Programmability Gap in Heterogeneous-ISA Platforms with Popcorn
April 3 Bert Huang Structured Machine Learning for the Complex World
March 27 Nahid Farhady Ghalaty New Directions in Fault Attacks: Using Biased Faults as Leakage Information in Differential Fault Intensity Analysis
March 20 Hongning Wang Human-centric Big Data Mining: Humans as both Producers and Consumers of Big Data
February 27 Markus Kusano Dynamic Generation of Likely Invariants for Multithreaded Programs Pictures
Sarmad Tanwir Information-Theoretic and Statistical Methods of Failure Log Selection for Improved Diagnosis
Abhijit Sarkar Assessment of Psychophysiological Characteristics Using Heart Rate from Naturalistic Face Video Data
Naling Zhang Dynamic Partial Order Reduction for Relaxed Memory Models
February 20 Shiyi Wei Context-sensitive analysis for the dynamic behavior of JavaScript programs Video
February 13 Hao Wang GPU-Aware MPI on Modern Supercomputers Video
February 6 Jay Aikat Networks in the Sky Video
Fall 2014
November 7 Aydin Aysu A Tale of Two Schemes: Cryptographic Engineering for the Two Ends of Computing Spectrum Video
October 31 Krishnaraj Ravindranathan Exploiting Heterogeneity in Distributed Software Frameworks Video
October 24 Walid Saad Foundations of Context-Aware, Self-Organizing Wireless Small Cell Networks Video
October 17 Zachary Doerzaph The Connected Car Evolution Video
October 10 Hesham Rakha Transportation Sustainability: What can Intelligent Transportation Systems Offer? Video
October 3 Harpreet S. Dhillon Fundamentals of Self-Powered Heterogeneous Cellular Networks  
September 26 Harold Trease Building A Metadata-Free Unstructured Search Platform Video
September 19 Hassan Salmani How Vulnerable is your Design to Hardware Trojan Insertion? Video
September 12 Lin Ma Diagnostic and Data Processing Needs for Combustion and Propulsion Systems Video
September 5 Haibo Zeng ONAIR: An Online Algorithm for Automotive Idling Reduction with Effective Statistics Video
August 29 CESCA Faculty Introduction of CESCA Faculty Members Video
Spring 2014
May 8 Sylvain Guilley Mathematical & Formal methods for Secure Design & Evaluation against Non-invasive Attacks Video
May 2 Zijiang (James) Yang Automated Fault Explanation for Software Regression Testing Video
April 25 Rolando Burgos and Zhiyu Shen Control system design in power electronics converters Video
April 11 Dhruv Batra Hedging Against Uncertainty via Multiple Diverse Predictions Video
April 4 Chung-Hsing Hsu TUE, a New Energy-Efficiency Metric Applied at ORNL's Jaguar Video
March 21 Mantu K. Hudait Extremely High Mobility CMOS Logic  
March 7 CESCA Faculty CESCA Coffee + Cake  
February 21 Sarvesh Prabhu Property-Checking based LBIST for Improved Diagnosability Video
February 14 M. Zubair Shafiq Big Data Measurement and Analytics for Mobile Wireless Networks and Security Systems
(Note: the seminar was cancelled due to weather)
February 7 Dongyoon Lee Holistic System Design for Deterministic Replay Video
Fall 2013
December 6 Changhee Jung Effective Techniques for Understanding and Improving Data Structure Usage Video
November 22 CESCA students Wisdom of the Crowd  
November 15 Devi Parikh Advancing Computer Vision by Leveraging Humans Video
November 1 Ayse K. Coskun Towards Sustainable Computing: Innovative Design and Management Strategies across the Computing Stack  
October 25 Safa Messaoud Optimal Architecture Synthesis for Aircraft Electrical Power Systems  
October 11 Bob Summers Building a Gigabit Community Video
October 4 Berk Sunar An FHE Implementation based on NTRU Video
September 27 Patrick Schaumont Don't talk to strangers (without authentication) Video
September 13 Michael Fowler Targeting Innovation for Defense Agencies through Sponsor Awareness Video
August 30 CESCA Faculty Welcome [back] to CESCA Video
Summer 2013
June 10 Francesco Regazzoni Towards the Automatic Application of Countermeasures Against Physical Attacks  
Spring 2013
April 26 Dafeng (Daphne) Yao User Intention Based Anomaly Detection Video
April 5 Ali R. Butt On Using Simulations to Evaluate MapReduce Cluster Design Video
March 22 Ravi Tandon Interference Alignment with Time-varying Channel State Information Video
March 1 Houman Homayoun Dynamically heterogeneous cores through 3D resource pooling Video
February 8 John Lach Body Sensor Networks: An Application-Centric Approach Video
February 1 Neil Steiner Torc: open-source tools for reconfigurable computing Video
Fall 2012
December 7 Pamela Abshire BioChips: Learning from Biology Video
October 26 Gabe Westmaas  Learning to Scale a Public Cloud Video
October 19 Linda Xie  Distributed Broadcast in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks Video
October 5 Nathan Li  The Chronicles of Cyber Security: The offense, the defense and the analytics Video
September 28 Wu-Chun Feng  An Ecosystem for the New HPC: Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Video
September 21 Amira Youssef  Image Watermarking Techniques Using Histogram Tailored Chaotic Maps Video
September 14 Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez  Power Fingerprinting for integrity assessment of critical embedded systems Video
September 7 Jonathan Graf  FPGA Trust - Ensuring Design Integrity through Analysis of FPGA Bitstreams and IP Cores  
Spring 2012
May 18 Pranav Ashar Advanced-Sign-off Challenges for the Hybrid-Ecosystem Based SOC Paradigm  
April 20 Peng Ning CESCA Distinguished Lecture -- Cloud Computing Infrastructure Security Video
April 13 Dong Ha Maximum Power Point Tracking for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuits Video
April 6 Tevfik Bultan CESCA Distinguished Lecture -- String Analysis for Dependable Input Validation Video
March 16 Yu Wang Data Collection Capacity in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Video
March 2 Gyungsu Gyun Energy-efficient dual-band interconnect for future mobile computing system Video
February 17 Bo Gao Uplink Soft Frequency Reuse for Self-Coexistence of Cognitive Radio Networks Operating in White-Space Spectrum Video
February 10 Lynn Abbott How to Analyze Low-Quality Fingerprint Images Video
February 3 Patrick Schaumont Moving PUFs out of the lab Video
Fall 2011
December 2 Michael Hsiao Sufficiency-based Framework for Sequential Equivalence Checking  
November 11 Kenneth Schulz Overview of RC ICs: Industry Perspective Video
November 4 Rajeev Alur CESCA Distinguished Lecture: Interfaces for Control Components Video
October 28 Georg Weissenbacher SAT-based Design Debugging and Fault Localization Video
October 21 Zhichun Li Towards Scalable User-Agnostic Attack Defense Video
October 14 Malay Ganai Predicting Run-time Errors in x86 Executables of Multi-threaded C/C++/Java programs Video
September 30 Cansin Yaman Evrenosoglu An Insight to Contemporary Power Systems: Evolution, Operation and Challenges, Part II Video
September 23 Jean-Pierre Talpin
Jens Brandt
Polychrony as an abstract model of computation for GALS architectures
An Introduction to Synchronous Programming: Quartz
September 16 Cansin Yaman Evrenosoglu An Insight to Contemporary Power Systems: Evolution, Operation and Challenges, Part I Video
September 9 Sandeep Shukla Software Systems as Complex Networks – An invasive look into the structures of large software systems Video
September 2 Christian Colombo Handling Runtime Monitoring Overhead Video
Spring 2011
April 22 Mohammad Tehranipoor On-chip Structures and Methodologies for Reliable OC Design in Nanometer Era  
April 15 Raghu Pasupathy Optimal Parameter Choice in Sample-Path Methods for Root Finding and Optimization Video
April 1 Joseph Gaeddert CORNET: Virgnia Tech's Cognitive Radio Network  
March 25 Eric Vance Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Aspects of Behavior in African Elephants Video
February 25 Shobha Vasudevan GoldMine: Automatic Assertion Generation and Achieving Test Coverage Closure Video
February 18 Leyla Nazhandali Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Employing Process Variation for Building Chip Identifiers Video
February 11 Patrick Schaumont Specialized Machines for Cryptanalysis: Two examples, sixty years apart Video
February 4 Sandeep Shukla Exploring the Power System and Computation/Communication Systems Inter-dependency Video
Fall 2010
December 10 Edward A. Lee The first CESCA Distinguished Lecture - Computing Needs Time Video
November 19 Rahul Mangharam Closing the Loop with Networked Cyber-Physical Systems Video
November 5 Tom Martin A Case Study of an Interdisciplinary Design Course for Pervasive Computing Video
October 29 Phil Nigh The 'Top 10' Semiconductor Trends that are changing the way we Design, Manufacture, Test and Deliver High Quality ICs  
October 22 Alex K. Jones Cooperative Design Concepts for Chip Multiprocessors  
October 8 Dong Ha Small Scale Energy Harvesting - Principles, Practices, and Future Trends  
October 1 Chaun Han Optimal Cache-Based Router Repair for Real-Time Traffic  
September24 Xu Guo Fair and Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of SHA-3 Hardware Implementations  
September17 Mainak Ganga Design-for-Trust: Techniques to Detect Hardware Trojans in 3-PIPs  
September 10 Sandeep Shukla Sequential Code Synthesis from Concurrent Specifications
(at Department of Computer Science seminar)
Spring 2010
April 30 JingYao Zhang, Yi Tang, Sachin Hirve Sunshine: A Cross-domain Design Tool for Sensor Networks  
April 16 Benton Calhoun Sub-threshold Circuits and Architectures for Ultra Low Power Systems  
April 9 Danfeng (Daphne) Yao Host-Based Anomaly Detection Based on User Activities  
April 2 Majid Manteghi Chipless RFID  
March 19 Syed K. Islam High Temperature Electronics for Automotive and Wireless Sensor Applications  
March 5 Dong Ha Low-Power Active Wireless Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring  
February 26 Barbara G. Ryder Blended Program Analysis : Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses  
January 29 Nathan Short Modal-based Camera Correction for Large Baseline Stereo Imaging  
Fall 2009
December 4  Michael Gora  Exploring the Trusted Platform Module  
November 20 Ratnesh Kumar Fault Detection, Isolation, and Localization in Embedded Control Software  
November 13 Jason Worth Martin Parallel Performance of Some SHA-3 Second Round Candidates in GPUs  
November 6 Mike Henry From Transistors to MEMS: Throughput-Aware Power Gating in CMOS Circuits  
October 23 Naren Ramakrishnan Mining Graphical Models of Evolutionary Constraints in Protein Families  
October 16 Vignesh Vivekraja Circuit Level Decision for Enhanced Physical Uncloneable Functions  
October 2 Sandeep Shukla Automated Code Generation for Safety-Critical Embedded Applications from Formal Specifications  
September 17 Min Li An Ant Colony Optimization Technique for Abstraction-Guided State Justification  
September 4 CESCA Faculty Introductions of CESCA Research (no abstract)   
Spring 2009
April 17 Dennis W. Hong From Odin to DARwIn: Biologically Inspired Mobile Robots Developed at RoMeLa  
April 10 Mike Henry Fast Simulation Framework for Subthreshold Circuits  
February 13 Min-Ho Ka Synthetic Aperture Radars (SARs) for Remote Sensing Applications  
January 30 Thurmon Lockhart Prediction of Fall-Prone Elderly  
Fall 2008
December 5 Raghunandan Nagesh, Anand Balakrishnan Reddy, Abhranil Maiti Thermal Communication and Security Applications of Ring Oscillators  
November14 David Hwang, Kris Gaj  Efficient and Secure Hardware and Software
for Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
November 7 Daniel Inman  Monitoring and Harvesting  
October 31 Wu-Chun Feng  Green Supercomputing Comes of Age  
October 24 Yexin Zheng  A Novel Toffoli Network Synthesis Algorithm for Reversible Logic  
October 17 Sungyong Jung CMOS UWB Circuits and Systems for Radars and Communications  

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