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Welcome to CESCA

Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications (CESCA) is a research center within the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  CESCA addresses the major challenges in the conception, design, and implementation of next-generation embedded systems.  CESCA bundles the efforts of seven faculty and their students in a cross-disciplinary setting.  CESCA generates know-how, expert advice, and skilled researchers who tackle the needs of tomorrow's industry and academia.

News & Events

* "CL Waters Edge Meeting Facility: View from the meeting facility" by vastateparkstaff, used under CC BY-ND 4.0 / Cropped from original


CESCA Seminars
New!  Friday, April 25
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Lavery Hall 320

Control system design in power electronics converters
Dr. Rolando Burgos and 
Dr. Zhiyu Shen


CESCA Newsletters
New!  Spring (April) 2014

CESCA Day 2014
April 19 (Sat) at Claytor Lake

CESCA Student Awards
2014 Awardees


For new graduate students

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